Mar 22, 2007

among the trees!

My dream home away from home where the garden gnomes reside~
Since my head is in the trees or amongst the clouds, here's an exhibit I'm going to check out this weekend. Mark Ryden's "The Tree Show" at Michael Kohn Gallery on Beverly Blvd. in LA which runs through April 28th
Also, my two favorite lovely little cupcakes Miss Mindy and her sister Candace have an art reception on Saturday for "The Secret Lives of Dolls" exhibit at Gallery Revisted on Sunset Blvd. in Silverlake! Check out their blogs for more details!
Mindy and I at Gallery Ophelia~
Mr. Gnome and I just finished gardening at Rick and Mindy's mushroom house - wait, oops, I think the mushroom house is a secret!

Mar 18, 2007

More Flea Market Photos

We made out like bandits at the Long Beach flea market, nice cool weather & some great finds! Terrytoons Mighty Mouse, 1971 Wizard of Oz book ends, wooden Minnie doll, Sesame Street books illustrated by Jolly Roger Bradfield, hand-painted Toby mugs made in England for my pops to add to his collection, vintage playing cards & a pair of comfy, knee-high moccasin boots!
Here are my 1972 Humpty Dumpty book ends we found at the Ventura swap meet months back, made by the same company (Progressive Art Products) as the Wizard of Oz book ends~
Popeye & Brutus sail away together!

From a far it looked like this guy completely penciled in his sideburns, however, after a closer
look I realized they were real..for the most part anyway, I'm sure he still pencils them in a bit, I wonder how long it takes him~
Donald with a melted beak~

Mar 16, 2007

Art Center Grad Night Photos

I found some photos from the December 2006 grad night at Art Center~

Some fashion illustrations by Danni~

Mar 14, 2007

Flea Market Photos

I've seen some interesting folks and finds in all the years I've gone to flea markets so I thought I'd finally capture some...more to come!

Mullet Madness!
Eddie & Pee-Wee, together again!
This girl was trying to drown out the really loud snoring
from the guy sleeping next to her.

Katie & I wrestle over a Bradley doll - Katie wins
but I have weekend visitation priviledges :~)

K.O. Charlie - the newest addition to our dream pet family.
He takes a lickin but keeps on kickin