Mar 22, 2007

among the trees!

My dream home away from home where the garden gnomes reside~
Since my head is in the trees or amongst the clouds, here's an exhibit I'm going to check out this weekend. Mark Ryden's "The Tree Show" at Michael Kohn Gallery on Beverly Blvd. in LA which runs through April 28th
Also, my two favorite lovely little cupcakes Miss Mindy and her sister Candace have an art reception on Saturday for "The Secret Lives of Dolls" exhibit at Gallery Revisted on Sunset Blvd. in Silverlake! Check out their blogs for more details!
Mindy and I at Gallery Ophelia~
Mr. Gnome and I just finished gardening at Rick and Mindy's mushroom house - wait, oops, I think the mushroom house is a secret!