May 16, 2007

Happy Mindy-Pie Day!

Happy day to my bewitching beauty and congratulations on turning 30 years young!

May 15, 2007

Ren Faire Fun!

There were three drunken maidens
come from the Isle of White
They drank from Sunday morning
didn't stop till Sunday night
corsets are fantastic!
pretty lady playing the harpsichord~
an amazing dulcimer player!
The Merry Wives of Windsor who we'll be joining soon enough!
The Merry Wives of Windsor violinist~
Oh where are your feathered hats
your mantles rich and fine,
they've all been swallowed up
in tankards of good wine
Katie drawing of our new Renaissance fashion trend~

May 10, 2007

Tap, Tap, Tappin

Yay! Mindy joined Katie and I in the tapping fun!
Here's a drawing Katie did at the beginning of the year when we began our tap lessons~

Cupcakes at The Chalet

The celebration continued after we returned from Yosemite at The Chalet, where Mindy brought my very own personalized cupcakes, thanks Min!

May 9, 2007

Yosemite Photos

So Eddie whisked me away for a mountainous adventure to Yosemite. We stayed at the Victorian Wawona hotel established in 1879 - no phones or tvs just trees and the surrounding woodland creatures to keep us company - yay!

A bunch of adorable older couples showed up at the hotel sporting thier Model A's (I think that was the model)~

 Our room was in the Washburn Cottage~
Relaxing in the morning on the veranda~

Eddie surpised me with a vintage Bradley doll~
Enjoying some champagne & strawberries with my new Bradley doll~
Listening to Tom Bopp, singer/pianist in the lounge play old Yosemite songs~
Eddie and his horse 'Sugarfoot'
Mariposa Grove~
There were some really huge ants in the Mariposa Grove~
and really cute squirrel friends too!
A lizard camouflaged as a twig~
The Grizzly Giant-believed to be the oldest currently living tree~
Where the red fern grows~
And mossy trees~
The hike up to the Fallen Tunnel Tree seemed endless (especially since I had to pee!) but we finally made it~