Jan 23, 2009

Pillowtop Pompadour & Hair Hats

I recently took a vintage hair styling class at Revamp in downtown LA where I attempted a 1950's evening updo myself. After setting my hair in pin curls, brushing it out (sorry, next time I will bring my camera for some before photos since I looked like a crazy lioness) rolling and pinning (my arms were so noodly afterwards!) -
hours later, I created what Eddie called a 'pillowtop pompadour' which looked comfy enough to rest on
a portrait of Madame de Pompadour (a mistress of King Louis XV who was later made a marquise) which the pompadour hairstyle was named after
circa 1750

Thanks to Eddie, I will now experiment with 1940's hairstyles using this hard to find instruction book he bought me
and now...
hair hats by Nagi Noda