Jun 2, 2010

Hello World

I just started to crawl out of my cave..slowly anyway.
Recently, I was caring for my father who sadly passed away a few months ago after his courageous fight with cancer.
It still feels as if I have an arrow stuck in my heart.

My dad loved trees and all things nature.
A couple heart-warming art pieces from friends Su Moon and Mindy O'Brien.
My most sincere appreciation and thanks to all my friends and family for their love, support and acts of kindness.
Some happier times in Oregon where he lived~
Some things that recently brighten my days~
Fred & Jeannie's adorable new addition to their family!
The Rennaisance Faire always makes me happy!
Hot boys & axes....YEAH!
we heart sausage, bread & cheese!
Some awesome new wall additions!
A few of our more recent Giclées purchases, Eddie surprised me with this wondrous one~
These escaped Camille's Down The Rabbit Hole exhibit at the Merry Karnowsky Gallery and landed on my wall at home :)