Jul 2, 2011

arf! arf! arf!

Our alarm is usually set to a classical music station and this morning we awoke to Leonard Warren singing the sea shanty Blow The Man Down which can be heard here
What a lovely baritone voice to awaken us.
Instantly we are reminded of
We had to find out more about this amazing opera singer and download his sea shanties.  According to Wikipedia, Warren died in 1960 at the early age of forty-eight on stage during a performance of La forza del destino. Eyewitnesses report that Warren had completed La Forza's Act III aria, which begins Morir, tremenda cosa ("to die, a momentous thing"), and was supposed to open a sealed wallet, examine the contents and cry out "E salvo, o gioia" (He is safe, oh joy), before launching into the vigorous cabaletta but he fell to the floor. 
We tip our hats to you and your beautiful voice Leonard.