Sep 14, 2011

Santa Fe or Bust!

This past July, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to take an incredible week-long workshop with the amazing photographer, Seth Resnick thru the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops.
What an experience!!
Here's our group at the Great Sand Dunes of Colorado. I'm towards the center getting the most air :)
Here's some additional images from my trip, however, more of my favorites are on my website
Seth in action!
It was definitely...HOT
My new angel of friend Anne (aka Dotty) 
 There were some pretty awesome clouds!
We captured some of the horrible but eerily beautiful aftermath of the forest fires~
 We also explored the Dwan Light Sanctuary, a circular building with prisms and windows letting all this lovely sunlight and rainbows galore
A couple characters in the town of Madrid. One of which claimed to be the Mayor!
We stumbled upon a really cool bottled fence~