Mar 23, 2012

Sposa Bagnata, Sposa Fortunata..(Wet Bride, Lucky Bride)

This past weekend we headed north to the city of Capitola near Santa Cruz for my cousin Carrie's wedding.  Although she hoped for sunny skies, it poured during the outdoor ceremony bringing what many cultures believe as good fortune, blessings and fertility to the new couple.  
It was wonderful.

Mar 13, 2012

Street Portraiture

Normally I avoid huge crowds but this past weekend I was in the belly of it for some narrative street portraiture with Amy Arbus.  
Although I have an outgoing spirit, I can sometimes be quite shy, especially when it comes to approaching strangers at random which was a challenge for me.  However, I found it quite exciting and may continue to practice street-style shooting.
We encountered all sorts of characters and walks of life Hollywood is known for.