Oct 29, 2013

On the Shore of Hope

"You watched them sewing you up - hope with his needle and thread - knowing that all you really needed of yourself was the part they would not let you keep."

I've been pining for a trip to the seashore and this past week I awoke at the wee hours of the foggy morning to work on a self-portrait that has been burning a hole in my brain and journal for some time now.  As I was in the midst of working on my self-portrait, my dress tore and shortly after I noticed a butterfly had washed up on the shore.  I decided to take a creative turn in the other direction and made this self-portrait…
Hope © Brandy Trigueros 2013

Here's a teeny-tiny (low-res) animated clip I created from some of the outtake images.
xo, Brandy 

Oct 6, 2013

Find Me in the Forest of Dreams ~ Artist Reception, Thurs, 10/10

I'm excited to share that Liz Huston has graciously invited me to be a guest artist during downtown LA art walk this coming Thursday, October 10th.