Oct 20, 2014

Majestic Maine

Just flew back from the most delicious trip to Maine!
The first part of my journey was bookmaking with a group of beautiful, soulful women led by the marvelous Cig Harvey who shared so much love and knowledge. I am really excited and anxious to put my new skills to work. I will share one of my hand-made books and conceptual promo pieces soon.

My feet and their first encounter with Fall in New England. It was so gorgeous I got teary-eyed as I walked through blankets of various colored leaves and mushrooms!
Strolling along the Eagle Lake Carriage Road & Bridge in Acadia National Park
As expected the trees were stunning.
I visited a thrift store while there and found this great framed piece of a baby crying which I thought would be perfect for my There's No Other Like Your Mother series.
Here's an outtake from that self-portrait session.
I definitely plan on returning next year.