Aug 21, 2015

New Mexico Meanderings

I recently went on a solo road trip to New Mexico. What a journey! 
I took a workshop with Keith Carter thru the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops and traversed sheets of rain, (golf ball sized) hail, thunder and intense lightening storms...not to mention a dust devil vortex which cracked my windshield and near bunny kills on the freeway throughout my travels but after seeing a double rainbow I knew all would be okay! 
The last leg of my trip I ended up at White Sands which was GORGEOUS!
"We live at the level of our language. Whatever we can articulate, we can imagine, develop & explore."

The humorous and poetic Keith Carter
our class portrait
Keith shared some of his beautiful prints with the class
Several images I made while at the workshops
a couple self-portraits
 Such a wonderful show at Photo-Eye gallery of Keith and Kate Breakey
Of course I had to visit their fantastic bookstore (which I highly recommend if in Santa Fe)
Joel-Peter Witkin's 'Above The Arcade' piece at Andrew Smith Gallery
my hike up to the Kasha-Katuwe tent rocks
 although the drive was at times scary with the somewhat crazy tropical weather, there were some enchanting sights
stopped at Stranger Factory gallery in this piece by Kelly Denato
before heading home I drove to White Sands and stayed in Alamogordo to escape the hot fat welcoming sunbeams
although I was exhausted and my heart yearned to be home, it was well worth the trek!
 one last beautiful New Mexico sunset with Kermie
There are rainbows in our future dear friends...let's stay on the path so we can find them.
Xo, Brandy