Dec 31, 2016

So long 2016, don't let the door hit you where the good lord splits you

2016 has been both terrific and a tumultuously emotional year. I am beyond grateful for my family, friends and photography. In uncertain times, I remain hopeful and aim to be extra-loving and supportive to those around me and in need.

As I reflect on the year, I thought I'd share some of my favorite moments and images from 2016.

My unforgettable epic journey in Iceland
 and trip to New York
where Eddie and I feasted on mouthwatering pastrami and this fabulous Fairy Tale Fashion exhibition at The Museum at FIT
and made new friends such as the incredible Louis Mendes!
taking a dip in Palm Springs
paddle boarding in Fort Collins, Colorado during the Center Forward weekend, where I was thrilled to exhibit work at The Center for Fine Art Photography
(thank you to Sunshine Davis for the above two installation views of the exhibition)

Will you follow me down that old dirt road and get lost inside those mountains?
Will you rip up that map and dance inside the confetti?
Let's chase the horizon and find ourselves along the way. 
These are wandering feet and they wish for yours to join them.
-Tyler Knott Gregson

Looking forward to more traveling and exploring in 2017
Ren faire with a couple of my favorite bunnies
Seu Jorge tribute concert to David Bowie at the Theatre at Ace Hotel in downtown LA
Rain Room at LACMA with my light and love 
learning, experimenting and being challenged in new ways at CalArts
CalArts sublevel shenanigans with my best gal pals

A few goals for 2017 are to eat more fruits
 and vegetables
and most importantly to be loving and playful
Blessings and best wishes for an open heart, peace and a love-filled 2017!
Xo, Brandy