Jul 23, 2014

Jul 3, 2014

LACP's Grand Opening & First Annual Members Exhibition in Hollywood ~ Saturday, July 12th

I hope you can join us next weekend for LACP's grand opening and first annual members exhibition juried by Paul Kopeikin!
Here's a link to the address (1515 Wilcox Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90028)
as well as some helpful parking info...

Jun 17, 2014

Staurt Pilkington's Portrait Project 'The Swap'

My fabulous photographer friend Lori Pond and I participated in Stuart Pilkington's portrait project called 'The Swap'. Stuart asks two photographers to partner up and take each other's portrait. 
Recently Lori has undergone eye surgeries due to a detached retina which has been a frightening experience for her. I wanted to make a portrait of her that involved what she has been dealing with. She was so gracious and open to my idea. 

We had a blast photographing each other. I just love her portrait of me. Take a look here
Bleeding Eye © Brandy Trigueros 2014

Huge thanks to my dear pal Miss Mindy for her awesome painting assistance.

Jun 10, 2014

LACP's First Annual Members’ Exhibition Juried by Paul Kopeikin

I am thrilled that Paul Kopeikin chose one of my images for the first annual members' exhibit at the Los Angeles Center of Photography. The exhibition will run July 12-August 11, 2014 with an opening reception on July 12th. 

Congratulations to all the artists selected for this show! 

A sincere thanks to Paul Kopeikin and to LACP for this terrific opportunity!

Apr 9, 2014

29th Chelsea International Fine Art Competition

Hello friends!
Eeek! I was one of the artists chosen for the 2014 Chelsea International Fine Art Competition which was juried by Carlo McCormick. You can view all of the selected artists here

Exhibition will be held at Agora Gallery in the Chelsea Art District of New York City from 
August 22 - September 11, 2014.
Opening reception is Thursday, August 28, 2014 from 6-8 pm, invitation with details can be found here

Thank you for your continued love and support,

Apr 5, 2014

Magic Exhibition at A Smith Gallery

My below image (created using the serendipitous wet plate collodion process) was accepted into the "magic" competition juried by Fran Forman at the A Smith Gallery in Johnson City, Texas!!

Exhibition dates are May 2-June 15, 2014 and an artist reception is being held on May 31st from 4pm-7pm.

Congratulations to my dear pals Pauline Gola and Sandra Klein who are also in the show!

Warm thanks to Amanda Smith and Fran Forman for this magnificent opportunity!
The Watcher © Brandy Trigueros 2013

Feb 9, 2014

Masquerade Exhibition on Lenscratch

The Masquerade exhibition at the New Orleans Photo Alliance was featured on Lenscratch!
What a treat, thank you Aline!

Jan 20, 2014

Masquerade Exhibition at NOPA ~ February 1st - March 30th, 2014

I've always been drawn to masks; particularly the emotional and psychological aspects they can evoke.  What is hidden and what is revealed.  I love the idea that they're dual in nature, since the mask stands between one's self and the world, looking both in and out.

In my Unassigned series, which I began in 2012, I wanted to explore what the world might be like if we could shamelessly borrow the best traits from the opposite gender. By replacing the face - an obvious gender identifying trait with a mask of its opposite, I'm questioning perception and prejudice.

I'm so pleased to announce that one of my images from this series was chosen by Aline Smithson for the Masquerade exhibit hosted by the New Orleans Photo Alliance!!  The show is in conjunction with the 2014 Carnival season and will run from February 1st - March 30th, 2014.

Sincere thanks to Aline and to the New Orleans Photo Alliance, it is a great honor to be in the show!
#1 Fan from the Unassigned series © Brandy Trigueros

Jan 2, 2014

FIGURES / CONTEXTS Exhibition at the PhotoPlace Gallery ~ January 7-31st

I am overjoyed to be included in the FIGURES/CONTEXTS exhibit at PhotoPlace Gallery in Vermont which was juried by one of my favorite photographers, Cig Harvey.  Exhibition will run January 7-31st so if you happen to be nearby, please stop by!

Exhibition catalog is available for purchase here.

Thank you to the wonderful Kirsten Hoving and Rick Clark at PhotoPlace Gallery for this opportunity!

Jan 1, 2014

Bonne année!

"Roots and wings. But let the wings grow roots and the roots fly."
Happy 2014 my fine feathered friends!
I hope this year is a continuum of transformation and even during times of chaos beauty emerges through art...which in turn saves my heart.
Oodles of love, laughter and art for your hearts sake to all!

Thank you to the always incredible Aline Smithson for sharing our favorite photographs of 2013 on Lenscratch, which is so fantastic to be apart of.  
Many hugs, Brandy

Nov 16, 2013

In memory of Aunt Fern

Today I will make persimmon cookies and plant flowers in honor of my beautiful auntie who passed away 1 year ago this day.
One of my favorite tunes when my heart is heavy

Nov 14, 2013

Follow me through the rabbit hole

Here is an outtake image shot while on a recent trip to Colorado (more details and imagery from this amazing journey to follow).  My final image which I titled Songbird Elegy was featured in the Curiouser and Curiouser: Photographic Dreams and Fictions exhibit (Online Gallery Annex) at PhotoPlace Gallery last month. Thank you to Juror Blue Mitchell and to Kirsten Hoving and Rick Clark at PhotoPlace Gallery. 
Take a peek at the exhibit here. An exhibition catalog is available for purchase here.
Also, many thanks to my beautiful new friend and model, Angelina, who braved the confines of my birdcage in the cold, rainy hills of Colorado.

Come see Songbird Elegy as well as my Wonderland self-portrait in a special miniature format for this Saturday's Through The Looking Glass holiday show at Leanna Lin's Wonderland in Eagle Rock.
Exhibition will be 6pm-10pm.

Nov 11, 2013

FIGURES / CONTEXTS Exhibition at the PhotoPlace Gallery

My below image, Hope, was selected for the FIGURES / CONTEXTS exhibition at PhotoPlace Gallery by one of my most cherished and truly inspirational artists, Cig Harvey.
I am brimming with joy.
Congratulations to friends Susan Swihart and Nataly Rader as well as all the others in the show!

Vermont here I come!

Oct 29, 2013

On the Shore of Hope

I've been pining for a trip to the seashore and this past week I awoke at the wee hours of the foggy morning to work on a self-portrait that has been burning a hole in my brain and journal for some time now.  As I was in the midst of working on my self-portrait (which I will share soon) my dress tore and shortly after I noticed a butterfly had washed up on the shore.  I decided to take a creative turn in the other direction and made this self-portrait which is titled Hope

Here's a teeny-tiny animated clip I created from some of the outtake images.
xo, Brandy 

Oct 6, 2013

Find Me in the Forest of Dreams ~ Artist Reception, Thurs, 10/10

I'm excited to share that Liz Huston has graciously invited me to be a guest artist during downtown LA art walk this coming Thursday, October 10th.

Jul 15, 2013

Alter Ego Exhibition Catalog Now Available

Hello friends!
The exhibition catalog for Alter Ego is now available! Yaaaay!
It can be purchased thru the Kiernan Gallery bookstore or thru Blurb here

Thank you again to Kat Kiernan, Owner/Director of The Kiernan Gallery and to Stephen Sheffield, Juror of the Alter Ego self-portrait exhibition. I couldn't be more thrilled and truly appreciate the opportunity to be apart of this exhibition.

Jun 29, 2013

Alter Ego Self-Portrait Contest at The Kiernan Gallery

I was absolutely delighted to receive news from The Kiernan Gallery earlier today that 2 of my photographs were selected for the online gallery of the Alter Ego self-portrait contest!
Many thanks to juror Stephen Sheffield and to The Kiernan Gallery.  
It is such an honor to be apart of this exhibit.
Congratulations to all the other artists!

You can view the work here.  An exhibition catalog will also be available next month.

Jun 21, 2013

hello sunshine and supermoon

here's to a lovely summer!
Looking forward to mojitos, gelatos, wide-brimmed hats, lounging poolside and this weekend's biggest supermoon of 2013!

Jun 14, 2013

Jun 2, 2013

Hokusai Says

This weekend was spent with a brilliant photographer and overall warmhearted humanitarian, Greg Miller.  He shared many thought-provoking and moving things including the below poem by Roger Keyes titled "Hokusai Says".  Hokusai was a nineteenth century Japanese artist and printmaker.

Hokusai Says
Hokusai says look carefully.
He says pay attention, notice.
He says keep looking, stay curious.
He says there is no end to seeing.

He says look forward to getting old.

He says keep changing, 

you just get more who you really are.
He says get stuck, accept it, repeat
yourself as long as it is interesting.

He says keep doing what you love.

He says keep praying.

He says every one of us is a child,
every one of us is ancient
every one of us has a body.
He says every one of us is frightened.
He says every one of us has to find
a way to live with fear.

He says everything is alive --
shells, buildings, people, fish,
mountains, trees, wood is alive.
Water is alive.

Everything has its own life.

Everything lives inside us.

He says live with the world inside you.

He says it doesn't matter if you draw,
or write books. It doesn't matter
if you saw wood, or catch fish.
It doesn't matter if you sit at home
and stare at the ants on your veranda
or the shadows of the trees
and grasses in your garden.
It matters that you care.

It matters that you feel.

It matters that you notice.

It matters that life lives through you.

Contentment is life living through you.
Joy is life living through you.
Satisfaction and strength
is life living through you.

He says don't be afraid.
Don't be afraid.

Love, feel, let life take you by the hand.

Let life live through you.

May 6, 2013

"The light comes from the dark."

(Roger Ballen discussing one of his images at the Palm Springs Art Museum)

Last week I attended the Palm Springs Photo Festival and one of my highlights was spending time with Roger Ballen. His hauntingly beautiful, sometimes disturbing and ambiguous images are like lightning bolts to the four corners of your brain. Every one of his psychological images is thought out in every detail and element; he places importance on making strong, complex visual relations. When editing his own work, Roger chooses the photograph with the most integrated, heightened, piercing and intense essence. As a photographer he strives to bring the human interior to the exterior. Photography is a means of interpreting reality. Integrate the world around you with the world inside you. Lasting artwork has deep inner meaning. This is the criteria Ballen uses for making images.

Here is my Roger Ballen inspired still life
 and self-portrait...
I also want to congratulate my dear incredibly talented friend Alison Turner who won the grand prize at the Palm Springs Photo Festival for her beautiful new series which I am touched to be a part of.
Reflected Identities from Alison Turner on Vimeo

Apr 9, 2013

Alchemy + Entity Closing Week

A thousand thanks to all those who made it to the Alchemy + Entity opening last month at the Julia Dean Gallery.  If you didn't get a chance to see the show, this is your last week to take a look.  

Mar 13, 2013

Alchemy + Entity Show on Lenscratch

The Alchemy + Entity group photography show I'm participating in has been featured on Lenscratch today, what a huge treat!!

I hope you can join us this Saturday, March 16th for the opening at the Julia Dean Gallery in Hollywood.

Mar 7, 2013

Self-Portrait Series

I'm currently working on several different fine art photography series that have all been wonderful for keeping my heart happy.  One of which is a self-portrait series, here's a sneak peek...
For more, go to the Personal section of my website
Thanks for visiting!

Feb 17, 2013

ALCHEMY + ENTITY artist reception & opening ~ March 16th

Hello friends!

I'm thrilled to be participating in a group show next month at the Julia Dean Gallery in Hollywood.

I hope to see you there!
xo, B

Dec 31, 2012

2012 in review

Some of my greatest photographic moments of 2012 were spent in the encouraging and tremendously talented hands of Aline Smithson, Cig Harvey, Jennifer B. HudsonLoren HammerJoe Baraban and Sam Abell ~ I thank you all for challenging and touching my artistic spirit.

It was so wonderful to be included in The Next: Emerging LA Artists group exhibition at The Perfect Exposure Gallery.

A huge compliment received by Sam Abell about my work was that it reminded him of Cindy Sherman and Ralph Eugene Meatyard.  

Here are some of my favorite quotes and advice I heard this year....

"The soul always begins a thought with an image." -Aristotle

"If you're open to mistakes, they're hardly mistakes." -unknown

A few pearls of wisdom from Jennifer B. Hudson...
"We must show up for our own lives."
"Mentally, spiritually TRAVEL."

Advice of Keith Carter..."Trust your gut - be decisive."

An excerpt from Emerson's personal journal, after have his own daguerreotype made at a time when nobody had been photographed and the word 'photography' hadn't even existed yet...
"Were you ever daguerreotyped, O immortal man?  And did you look with all vigor at the lens of the camera to give the picture the full benefit of your expanded and flashing eye?"

A couple quotes from Joseph Campbell's, The Power of Myth...
"The best things can't be told because they transcend thought."
"What am I ?  Am I the bulb that carries the light or am I the light of which the bulb is a vehicle."

As I awoke this morning (to a classical music station) I heard the following lyrics... :)
"I don't eat people"

And finally a quote from the character Minnie Finch on I Love Lucy...
"When I kiss them they stay kissed."

Here's to an incredibly creative 2013 filled with growth, opportunity, laughter and love!!

Dec 15, 2012

wet plate collodion

I haven't really ventured into a traditional darkroom since high school (I know, for shame!) but last weekend I got my hands 'wet' (pun intended :) and attempted the 19th century wet plate collodion photographic process.
I am completely enamored by this beautifully difficult, dangerous and potentially toxic chemical process.

Here's the process in a nutshell...
In the darkroom a (clean, polished) plate is coated with collodion, sensitized in a silver nitrate solution, placed into a plate holder, carried outside & placed into the camera & an exposure is made, then back into the darkroom for development...all of which has to be done before the plate dries within a span of 10 minutes.

Each and every image made becomes even more precious because making a single image is so labor-intensive.
Here is my very first tintype.

Dec 5, 2012

street sketches

Although my personal style of photography is along the lines of narrative, conceptual and somewhat theatrically-based portraiture, documentary and street photography is something I aspire to do more of as I think it will help me to become a stronger photographer.  So this past weekend I walked the wet streets of LA and Santa Monica in search for the authentic.  I took the advice of Sam Abell, a great National Geographic documentary photographer: 
compose and wait.
 I had a long, interesting conversation with a good-hearted fella who goes by nickname Gypsy RiderAs his name suggests, he rides rails across the country & lives by barter & trade.

Dec 2, 2012

John Egerton urtext

Cool breeze
Warm fire
Full moon
Easy chair
Empty plates
Soft words
Sweet songs
Tall tales
Short sips
Long life

Nov 6, 2012

Emerging LA Artists Photo Exhibit Opening ~ November 15th

Hello again friends!

I'm excited to share that I'll be a part of an upcoming group photography show at The Perfect Exposure Gallery in Los Angeles which runs thru December 22nd.

I hope you can join us for the opening reception being held 
next Thursday, November 15th from 6-9 pm! 

Oct 31, 2012


I hope you're having a wickedly fang-tastic Halloween!!

Be sure to check out L E N S C R A T C H today, one of my images is featured in this years exhibition of masks and costumes, take a look-see here

A couple moodier images from a recent shoot practicing hollywood lighting using the fresnel

A rollicking good time with friends Sean and Kellie in their haunted photo booth

Oct 10, 2012

Studio Portraits of Tiffany Maybee

A really fun shoot implementing three different emotive qualities with one awesome model!